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Yusuf Islam – Al-Khaliq

Lirik :

La illaha Ill Allah
Muhammad Dur-Rasullullah
Sall-Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam

Al Khaaliq made the oceans
Rivers, lakes, streams and rain
Bow their waves in pure submission
Upon the earth to praise his name Continue reading


Our Guide Is The Qur’an

Yusuf Islam – Our Guide Is The Qur’an

Lirik :

(Teacher): “All Muslims have to do five things. Who knows what they are?

(Children): “Shahadat, Saum, Salat, Hajj, and Zakat.”

(Teacher): (Children):
“Which means…?”

(Teacher): “Testimony of the Faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage.” Continue reading

Thala’al Badru Alaina

Yusuf Islam – Tala’al Badru

Lirik :

Tala’al-Badru ‘alayna,
min thaniyyatil-Wada’
wajaba al-shukru ‘alayna,
ma da’a lillahi da’

O the White Moon rose over us
From the Valley of Wada’
And we owe it to show gratefulness
Where the call is to Allah Continue reading

Your Mother

Yusuf Islam – Your Mother

Lirik :

Who should I give my love to?
My respect and my honor to
Who should I pay good mind to?
After Allah
And Rasulullah

Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father
Cause who used to hold you
And clean you and clothes you
Who used to feed you?
And always be with you
When you were sick
Stay up all night
Holding you tight
That?s right no other
My mother
Continue reading


Yusuf Islam – Bismillah (I Am A Muslim)

Lirik :

(Teacher): “Now children, who knows what we should say before we start some new job or begin eating or go on a journey? Can anyone tell me?”

(Children): “Teacher! Teacher! Me! Me…. Bismillah!”

(Teacher): “Very good. Now what does it mean?” Bismillah.”

(Children): “In the name of Allah!”Bismillah
Continue reading

Months In Islam

Yusuf Islam – Mounths In Islam

Lirik :

“Who can tell me how many months there are in one year?”

“12 Months!”

(Teacher): “Good!. Now who can tell me what those months are?”

These are the Months in Islam:
Muharram, Safar, Rabi-ul-Awwal, Rabi-uth-Thaani
These are the months in Islam Continue reading

Allahu Allahu

Yusuf Islam – Allahu Allahu

Lirik :

(Teacher): “Everything in the heavens and the earth has been created by Allah, He is Al Khaliq, the Creator.

“If you look around you can see the beauty of what Allah has created, sometimes you can hear the wind and the waves praising Allah. Can you hear them?”

Allah Allah, Allah Allah (Repeat)

Atayna kafee sabriyat-al ghina
Wa anta ladhee lam tazal muhsinaa
Itha kunta fee kulli haalima’ee
Fa’an hamli hamee ana fee ghina Continue reading